The Spanish in Texas project develops open learning materials and tools that allow students, teachers, and the general public to explore Spanish language variation.

Authentic Spanish videos for language learning

SpinTX Video Archive
The SpinTX website provides a convenient way to search and use over 500 short video clips from the Spanish in Texas Corpus. The collection includes hundreds of video clips culled from interviews of native and heritage speakers of Spanish living in Texas. Each video is accompanied by synchronized closed captions and a transcript that has been annotated with thematic, grammatical, functional and metalinguistic information. All materials available on the site can be freely used, copied, and distributed under a Creative Commons license.

Other project resources

Interviews with Language Professionals about Spanish in Texas
A video playlist featuring language researchers discussing bilingualism, dialects, language mixing, heritage languages in schools, documenting Spanish in Texas, and how Spanish in the U.S. differs from Spanish spoken in other countries.

Spanish in the U.S.: Myths and Facts (Prezi)
A Prezi focusing on myths and facts about Spanish in the United States, with examples from the Spanish in Texas Corpus. This presentation is available for reuse and sharing.

Profiling Spanish as it is spoken throughout Texas today.